The Purpose of It All

Downstairs. Kitchen. Lillian is leaning against the sink, staring down at her phone. Aisha enters. 

Lillian – Hello 

Aisha – Hi  

Lillian – How are you? 

Aisha – I’m fine, you? 

Lillian – I’m ok. Where were you? 

Aisha – The shop  

Lillian – Oh, Isn’t, what’s her name in? 

Aisha – She is, I was just moving things in  

Lillian – Oh, ok 

Slight pause. Aisha opens the fridge and takes out a can of coke. 

Lillian – Hey Aish 

Aisha – Yeaah? 

Lillian – I know it’s next week but could I get the rent from you now? 

Aisha – Why? No, yeah, I’ll send it.  

Lillian – Thank you  

Aisha – You’re welcome  

Kevin enters with Simi on his back 

Simi and Kevin – Hey Guys  

Aisha – Hey  

Aisha exits the kitchen. 

Lillian (To Simi) – Why haven’t you changed? 

Simi – Huh? 

Kevin – It’s Friday  

Lillian – She’s dirty  

Kevin – We’re just getting a drink; we’ll do it after  

Kevin opens the fridge and Simi grabs a yogurt. Kevin closes the fridge and begins to exit.  

Lillian – Simi, can you change by yourself; I want to talk to Kevin. 

Kevin – I’m just upstairs, I’ll be right back  

Kevin exits with Simi on his back. Lillian exits after them.  

Living room. Lillian enters and sits on the mattress. Kevin enters.  

Kevin – I’m here 

Lillian – Hi  

Kevin – Hi? 

Lillian – Are you not meant to be at work? 

Kevin – No, they moved my shift 

Lillian – Oh, ok 

Kevin – What’s up?  

Lillian – Nothing. Well, I just wanted to ask if I can get a two-month advance from you? 

Kevin – Two months. Including this week? 

Lillian – Oh, yeah 

Kevin – Ook. What for? 

Lillian – Nothing to worry yourself over  

Kevin – I’m not, I’m just asking.  

Lillian – I just want to sort some stuff out  

Kevin – Ok. I don’t even think I have two months; I can give you this month in advance though  

Lillian – Next week’s? 

Kevin – Yeah, that’s all I can only afford 

Slight pause.  

Lillian – Ok 

Kevin – I’ll send that to you now, yeah? 

Lillian – Ok, thanks  

Kevin exits. Upstairs, Aisha and Simi’s room. Simi is laying on Aisha’s bed, writing. Aisha is sewing a wig in the corner. Kevin enters.  

Kevin – Hey Aish 

Aisha – What?  

Kevin – Are you busy? 

She looks up at him. 

Kevin – Ok. Can we talk when you’re done?  

Aisha – Yes, maybe. I need to finish this  

Kevin – Ok, stop being childish  

Aisha – Don’t 

Kevin – Sorry. But can we at least talk when you’re done? 

Aisha – When I get back from the shop, yeah 

Kevin – Ok. I’ll leave you to it then. (To Simi) – Sim, you ok? 

Simi – Uh huh 

Kevin – Diary? 

Simi – No, homework  

Kevin – Ok, I’ll also leave you to it 

Kevin closes the door.