The Purpose of It All

4pm. Kevin picks up his phone and dials a number.  

Kevin (tired voice) – Hi, Andrew. It’s Kevin. Hey. Yeah, um, I’m just calling in about my shift tonight. I won’t be making it in unfortunately…I’ve been trying to nurse this flu for some time but it’s just getting worse. I thought I could come in but then I napped and now I’m even more fatigued…I do apologise for the inconvenience. Thank you, I hope so too. 

Kevin hangs up the call and begins to play sounds of the rainforest. He lays back down onto his bed. He stretches out his arms and closes his eyes.  

4.30pm. Kevin’s door slowly opens. Simi enters. She runs to the bed and jumps on Kevin’s stomach.  

Kevin – Arghh 

Simi Hello  

Kevin (groaning) – Hi  

Simi You should be at work 

Kevin – Get off me  

Simi – No. Why are you not at work? 

Kevin bear hugs Simi. She screams.  

Lillian (Offstage) – Simi?! 

Kevin lets her go and pushes her to his left. 

Lillian (Offstage) – Simi?! 

Simi – Mummy’s calling 

Kevin – Tell her I’m here  

Simi – Ok  

Simi jumps from the bed and steps just outside of Kevin’s room.  

Simi (shouting) – I’m with Kevin  

She runs back in and jumps backwards onto the bed. Pause. They turn to each other and nudge fists.  

Kevin – Simi 

Simi – Yeah? 

Kevin – Between me and you 

Simi – Yeah  

Kevin – I quit  

Simi – What? 

Kevin – I don’t work anymore  

Simi – Why?  

Kevin – I wasn’t happy 

Simi – Like mum? 

Kevin – No. Yes, like mum. 

Simi – So only Aisha has a job? 

Kevin chuckles. 

Kevin Yes. Only Aisha. 

Simi – Should I get a job? 

Kevin – Doing what? 

Simi – I dunno  

Kevin – Well, what are you good at? 

Simi – I dunno  

Kevin – You do know  


Simi – Um, Judo. And, I’m good at spelling, and I’m good at writing too  

Kevin – Ooo, ok. Well, I don’t know any Judo jobs but you can use your writing and spelling skills 

Simi – To get a job? 

Kevin – Yeah 

Simi – Where? 

Kevin – Anywhere, you can even start by working for me 

Simi – Ook, doing what? 

Kevin – You can edit with me 

Simi – Edit? 

Kevin – Yeah, you can help me edit my stories and stuff  

Simi – How? 

Kevin – Oh. I actually don’t know 

Simi – Silly 

Kevin – Ok, maybe you can help me write them down 

Simi – Um, no I’m ok  

Kevin laughs. 

Kevin – Ouch, ok. So, what do want to do? 

Simi – I would like to. Um, I dunno.  

Kevin – Ok. Maybe don’t look at it as a job. How can you help me?