The Purpose of It All


  • Kevin (Male, 26)
  • Amaar (Best friend, Male, 26)
  • Simi (Sister, Female, 8)
  • Aisha (Sister, Female, 22)
  • Lillian (Mother, Female, 45)

Aisha – Sure, see you later 

Kevin chuck’s his phone onto his bed and returns to setting up. He shakes his body around the room and then stands in front of the camera. 

Kevin – Take six  

A long pause. 

Kevin – Their door bursts open. A big, tall, towering figure enters. It’s the great white tuna followed closely by his trusted sidekick, Rel. The two cubs freeze, and in a panic, scuttle to the edge of their beds. They stand tall with their arms stretched; paws out, facing the ceiling. The great white stops by the feet of the eldest cub and begins to grin. “You reek of fear” says the great white. And without batting an eyelid, “No sir. No, I do not” mummers the eldest cub. Silence. The great white wipes the grin off his face as he turns to the youngest cub. “And you” says the great white, in a sharp and firm tone. “You!” He holds his stare as he signals for Rel, who immediately wobbles over to him. “Yes, sir” Says Rel. “Remind our dear friend here that he must wait until I have finished.” “Ok sir” Rel replies. He then wobbles over to the cub and says, “Hi, the great white would like for you not to be rude. Got it?” “Got it” says the youngest cub. Rel wobbles back to his spot, signaling for the great white to continue. The great white turns back to the eldest cub. Something, something, something. End tape.  

Kevin walks to and pauses the recording. He exits his room.  

Downstairs. Kitchen. Kevin enters. He stands in the middle of the kitchen, looking around the space. He points to and walks over to the fridge. He opens it and brings out two bottled yogurts. He walks over and places them on the dining table. He reaches under and brings out four bottles of water. He stocks the fridge with them, picks up his yogurts and exits the kitchen.  

Kevin’s room. Kevin enters. He opens a bottle as he walks to his camera. He presses record, and begins to walk around the space.  

Kevin – Notes. During tuna’s speech to Aisha, Simi blurts out “I didn’t say anything.” 

He gulps down a bottle.  

Kevin – Rel wobbles back to Simi. “You said something?” Simi replies, yes. Rel ask’s her to repeat herself, and she does. She tells him she didn’t say anything. Rel turns to the great tuna and says “But, sir, she didn’t say anything.” All three go back and forth for a while till Simi pisses herself. Something like that. End notes.  

Kevin turns the camera off, leaving it on the stand. He lays on his bed and closes his eyes.