The Purpose of It All

Kitchen. Kevin enters. He notices the plastic bag on the dining table. He picks it up to examine and then throws it in the bin. He exits the kitchen.

Kevin’s room. He lays down on his bed with his arms out. He reaches for his phone and dials Aisha. The phone rings, no answer. He dials again, the phone rings, no answer.

Kevin – Fair enough

Kevin stands up from the bed. He packs his cigarettes away and begins to set up his camera. His phone rings. He answers.

Kevin – Aish?

Aisha – Yeah?

Kevin – Tone

Aisha – What

Kevin – Ooo, sorry

Aisha – What do you want?

Kevin – Just wanted to say hi

Aisha – Ok, hi

Kevin – How’s your day been?

Aisha – Good, yours

Kevin – Meh, not sure how I feel yet

Aisha – Ok

Kevin – So, where are you?

Aisha – I’m at the shop

Kevin – Oh, why?

Aisha – Kev, what do you want?

Kevin – Chill, can I not call you?

Aisha – Stop that, man. Just say what you want

Kevin – Are you actually busy or are you just mad at me?

Aisha – Both. Now what?

Kevin – Fair enough. When will you be done?

Aisha – I don’t know

Kevin – Before four?

Aisha – I don’t know. There’s a lot to do

Kevin – Ok, I’ll see you in the evening at least?

Aisha – Sure

Kevin – Ok. Well, I do apologise for upsetting you, and see you later?

Aisha – Sure, see you on the 21st of August.


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