The Purpose of It All


  • Kevin (Male, 26)
  • Lillian (Mother, Female, 45)
  • Aisha (Sister, Female, 22)
  • Amaar (Best friend, Male, 26)

2.45 pm. Lillian sets aside her bowl and stands up in a hurry. She exits the living room and returns almost immediately. She walks to the mattress and picks up the filled plastic bag and exits again.

Kitchen. Lillian enters. She puts the plastic bag on the dining table.

Garden. Kevin is stubbing a cigarette out on the fence; he flicks the butt over and lights another one. He pulls out his phone and dials Amaar.

Kevin – Hello

Amaar – Yoo

Lillian enters. She glances at Kevin before she exits. Slight pause.

Kevin (To Amaar) – Yeah, sorry about earlier. You called?

Amaar – it’s calm, bro. And yeah, I was gonna get onto you

Kevin – Why, for what?

Amaar – Lying

Kevin – Ok, about what?

Amaar – About lending money to Aisha

Kevin – Oh, yeah. No, she told me she didn’t need it anymore

Amaar – Huh, why?

Kevin – I don’t know, she just told me she didn’t need it

Amaar – Oh, so she gave it back?

Kevin – No

Amaar – So what did she do with it?

Kevin – Nothing, I didn’t send it

Amaar – Wait, you never sent it?

Kevin – No

Amaar – So why did you tell me you did?

Kevin – I didn’t?

Amaar – Yes you did, you told me you bailed her out

Kevin – Oooh. Nah, I was going to

Amaar – But you didn’t?

Kevin – Yeah, no I didn’t

Amaar – So why give me all that bailing out crap?

Kevin – Bro, I don’t know, but I was actually going to

Amaar – Shit liar

Kevin – Whatever. What did she tell you?

Amaar – Nothing

Kevin – So how do you know?

Amaar – Leah told me

Kevin – Leah?

Amaar – Yeah, she asked Leah for money

Kevin kisses his teeth

Kevin – When?

Amaar – I don’t know, Leah just told me during her break

Kevin – This girl. She knew I was going to send it to her

Amaar – But you didn’t

Kevin – I forgot. But still, i don’t get why she couldn’t just wait

Amaar – Beats me

Slight pause

Kevin – That’s slightly annoyed me though, you know

Amaar – Understandable, but it’s not a big deal

Kevin – Meh. As long as you and Leah are good with lending her the money

Amaar – Oh, I’m good. That’s Leah’s money

Kevin – Broke boy

Amaar – And proud

Kevin chuckles

Kevin – What are you doing for the rest of the day?

Amaar – Ehh, I’m going to pick up Leah in, like, an hour, and then we’re off to the park

Kevin – N’aww, sounds fun. And I’m all by myself, smoking in me garden

Amaar (laughing) – You bum

Kevin – Correction, highly functioning bum

Amaar – Whatever, what time do you start work?

Kevin – Five

Amaar – Calm. What you on till then?

Kevin – Not a clue

Amaar – Sounds productive

Kevin – Mate, super

Both Amaar and Kevin chuckle

-I think i’m going to get some recording done, chill and then get ready for work

Amaar – Aite bro. I’m gonna get me and Arif ready now, so I’ll chat with you later, yeah?

Kevin – Alright, bro. Enjoy your day, and say hi to Leah for me

Amaar – I’ll try, and I will do. Take care.