The Purpose of It All

Living room. Lillian is sat on the mattress eating a bowl of noodles. She has two cans of diet coke next to her, one sealed, one empty.

Upstairs. Kevin lays back down and closes his eyes. He opens his eyes and stares at the ceiling before closing them again.

Kevin (To himself) – Nah

Kevin’s right leg begins to twitch lightly.

Downstairs. Lillian’s phone rings. She sets aside her bowl and picks up a can of coke. She opens the can and then answers the call.

Lillian – Hello…I’m fine, thank you. How are you?…I appreciate that. I hope you’re well…Uh uh…No, tomorrow is Simi’s Judo lesson…Sorry, same thing again that weekend…It’s the kids. You know Kevin has us ruled over with his routines…Uh, uh…Ok…Ah, you were hoping…Come on, dad…Last time I checked my contract was still expired…My contract was still expired…My contract expired…Dad…Dad, I will find myself a role when the time comes…Alright, let me stop you there. I know my responsibilities…No. I know my responsibilities. And as I often have to remind you, you are far down that pecking order. I will send you what I can, when I can…Yes, I’m annoyed, thank you. Bye.

Lillian tosses the phone to her left; she stands from the mattress and exits the room.

Kitchen. Lillian enters. She opens the fridge and brings out two cans of coke. She sets them on the dining table and walks to the cooker to make herself a bowl of noodles. She walks back to the dining table, picks up the cans and exits the kitchen.

Living room. Lillian enters. She throws the cans on the mattress, spilling her first bowl of noodles. She groans.


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