The Purpose of It All


  • Kevin (Male, 26)
  • Lillian (Mother, Female, 45)
  • Aisha (Sister, Female, 22)
  • Amaar (Best friend, Male, 26)

2pm. Kitchen. Lillian is draining a bowl of noodles by the sink. Kevin Enters.

Kevin – Hello

Lillian – Hi

Kevin continues to walk through the kitchen.

Kevin’s room. He enters. He walks to his bedside table and puts his pack of cigarettes away. He turns to and drops onto his bed. He pulls out his phone and begins to play sounds of the rainforest. He turns on his back and closes his eyes. 

Downstairs. Kitchen. Aisha enters with her headphones on. 

Lillian Hello

No response

– You’re home early

No response. Aisha walks to the fridge, opens it and pulls out two bottles of water.

Lillian – Fair enough

Aisha closes the fridge and exits the kitchen.

Kevin’s room. Aisha enters. She pauses her music.

Aisha – Kev?

No response.

Aisha – Kevin!

Kevin – What

Aisha – Listen, don’t worry about the money, yeah?

Kevin – Aish?

Aisha – Yeah?

Kevin – Don’t worry about money?

Aisha – I don’t need the money

Kevin opens his eyes.

Kevin – Ahh, shit.

Aisha – It’s cool

Kevin – Did you need it asap?

Aisha – I don’t need it

Kevin – Oo, alright. Sure? Wait, why?

Aisha – I’ve sorted it, It’s cool. Look, I need to get back to work I just/

Kevin – /Nah, wait. Where did you get six bills from?

Aisha – Doesn’t matter

Kevin – Ok, which friend?

Aisha – Shut up, man

Kevin – Huh?

Aisha – Bye.

Aisha turns and exits.