What Are You Thinking?

Do you reckon we have become far too accustomed to the idea of small talk?… I think, while it’s a useful skill to have, in such a fast-paced society, we often fail to recognise its limitations. Take me for example, um, my small talk game is off the charts. I’m often able to limit or extend my time in settings or situations depending on how I feel, which is natural, right?… Yeah, but the more I find myself engaged in these small talks, the more, um, the more frequent they appear…Yeah, exactly. Work, for example, small talk central, where the only time you’re able to have actual conversations with people is during lunch, or after work hours, which I totally understand…But, even when I commit to things that aren’t work-related, I often find myself, still, trying to keep things short and snappy. I, I just can’t seem to, you know, not think or worry about what I’m saying, how I’m saying it, or how my words are being perceived. It’s kinda sad…It is, and despite how frequent these thoughts and feelings are, I’d still, you know, rather say as little as possible, and keep it moving, you know?