The Purpose Of It All

1.30 pm. Kevin is sat under a tree. His phone rings, it’s Amaar.

Amaar – Yoo bro

Kevin – Hey, man

Amaar – You alright?

Kevin – I’m ok, you?

Amaar – I’m all good, man. Just tucked Arif in for his nap. And, I was about to do some work, then I remembered I needed to call you

Kevin – Work?

Amaar – Yeah, just some writing

Kevin – What, for the tape?

Amaar – Nah, I’m not adding anything else to that. This is for my diary.

Kevin – Oh, right, ok. How’s Arif?

Amaar – Tiring. But, he’s been good vibes today, actually.

Kevin – I miss the little runt, man.

Amaar – Eh, he doesn’t miss you

Kevin – Fuck you

Amaar (laughing) – But, yeah, what about you? Any new material?

Kevin – Yeah, I’m working on something

Amaar – What?

Kevin – Um, it’s the two cubs again

Amaar – Ok

Kevin – Basically, Simi almost pissed herself in class because she was scared to ask for permission

Amaar – N’aww, pussio

Kevin – Bro. But yeah, the Cubs shadow the great white and rel on another hunt

Amaar – For what?

Kevin – Not sure yet, but Simi’s cub is partnering up with Rel and Aisha’s with the great white.

Amaar – Aite. Well, let me know how it goes.

Kevin – I will do.


Amaar – Sweet. Sweet. So, work. What we saying?

They both chuckle lightly.

Kevin – Um, yeah. I can’t quit, well not yet.

Amaar – Ok. Why, what’s the reason?

Kevin – Um, yesterday. Uhh, I had to bail Aisha out of a situation. And the money had to be from the project savings, so yeah. Its put me back a bit, but, yeah

Amaar – Right, bail for what?

Kevin – The shop. She needed six bills for some equipment

Amaar – Huh, and you just gave it to her?

Kevin – Well, yeah. Her money’s tied up elsewhere

Amaar – Hmm. Ok, fair enough.

Kevin – What?

Amaar – Huh

Kevin – Fair enough.

Amaar – Yeah?

Kevin – Never mind.

Amaar – No, don’t do that.

Kevin – Do what?

Amaar – That. Say what you were gonna say.

Kevin – Na. It’s just. You say what you were going to say.

Amaar – Huh?

Kevin – You said fair enough, so you don’t believe me

Amaar – Defensive/

Kevin – /Don’t. You didn’t believe me

Amaar – Ah. Well, I do, I just don’t buy the reason

Kevin – What?

Amaar – You don’t just give people money

Kevin – If there’s a good enough reason, yes I do

Amaar – Equipment for the shop, really?

Kevin – Yes, what’s the issue. And, she can’t exactly go to mum can she?

Amaar – True

Kevin – Yeah

Amaar – Ok. So, back to ushering then, yeah?

Kevin – Yeah. I guess

Amaar – Coolio

Kevin – Yeah


Amaar – Aite bro, you working tonight?

Kevin – Yeah, I am. Actually, I need to start making my way back home

Amaar – Oh, where you at?

Kevin – Just at the park

Amaar – Oh, calm. Aite, bro. Take care

Kevin – Yeah, bye

Kevin hangs up. He pulls out and lights a cigarette. He begins to walk home. He takes a left, after the bridge, towards the 26th of June.


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