The Purpose Of It All

Later that day. 1 pm. Kevin’s room. Kevin is stood in the middle of the room. He is stood in front of a camera set up on a stand.

Kevin – Take six.

Kevin closes his eyes and takes a few deep breaths.

– Their door bursts open. A big, tall, towering figure enters. It’s the great white tuna, followed closely by his trusted sidekick, Rel. The two cubs freeze, and in a panic, scuttle to the edge of their beds. They stand tall with stretched arms; their paws out, facing the ceiling. The great white stops by the feet of the eldest cub and begins to pout, perk. Perk, for fuck sake!

Kevin takes a few short breaths and then walks over to his bedside table. He opens the top draw and picks up a pack of cigarettes. He puts them in his pockets and exits his room.

Living room. Lillian is sat on a mattress, with her legs crossed, in the middle of the room. The TV is off. To her left is a bowl of oranges. To her right, a pile of textbooks covering her laptop. She hears Kevin coming down the stairs.

Lillian – Kevin

Kevin (offstage) – Yeah?

Lillian – Can you come here, please

Kevin enters the living room.

Lillian – Are you off to work?

Kevin – I don’t start till five

Lillian – Oh, ok. I thought you were leaving now. Do you want me to make extra for your lunch, well, dinner?

Kevin – No, I’m alright

Lillian – Oh. And nothing before work?

Kevin – No, I’ll eat. I just don’t need lunch.

Lillian – Ok.

Kevin – Alright.

Lillian – I’m going to take Simi to the park, and then maybe the cinema. I feel like we haven’t been in a while.

Kevin – Ok, enjoy

Kevin turns to leave.

Lillian – Are you going to the kitchen, then?

Kevin – No, I’m stepping out

Lillian – Oh

Kevin – I’m going for a walk

Lillian – Ok

Kevin – Bye

Kevin exits the living room.


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