The Purpose Of It All

Next morning. 8 am. Kitchen. Lillian is filling up the kettle by the sink. Kevin and Simi are by the dining table. Kevin is packing Simi’s lunch. Simi is packing her school bag.

Simi closes her bag and walks over to Lillian.

Simi – Mum?

Lillian – Yes?

Simi – Are you still picking me up?

Lillian – Yeah, sure i am

Aisha enters the kitchen.

Simi – Ok

Aisha – Simi are you ready?

Simi – Yeah. I’m ready.

Aisha – Alright/

Kevin – /One second

Aisha – Pick up your things and let’s go

Lillian (To Simi) – Give me a kiss.

Simi hugs and kisses Lillian. Aisha exits the kitchen.

Aisha (offstage) – Simi, let’s go

Kevin (To Simi) – I’ll see you later this evening, ok?

Simi – Ok

Kevin hands Simi her lunch box. Simi picks up her bag from the dining table, and begins to walk out. Simi stops, she turns around to Kevin and bows. Kevins bows back.

Aisha – Simi!

Simi (waving) – Bye mum

Simi exits the kitchen.

Simi (offstage) – Cominggg!

Kevin packs away the remaining food. He then exits the kitchen.


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