The Purpose of It All


  • Kevin (Male, 26)
  • Aisha (Sister, Female, 22)
  • Lillian (Mother, Female, 45)
  • Simi (Sister, Female, 8)
  • Amaar (Best friend, Male, 26)

Kevin – Look, a lot is going on right now. A lot. Things seem to be happening, you know? All at once and I don’t quite know how, but, and It’s not an excuse for what I said, but, yeah. I’m just a little stressed at the moment.

No response.

– And I don’t, um, I don’t, I don’t need, or rather, I don’t want home, you know?


– But, yeah. Sorry about earlier.

Kevin turns to exit

Lillian – Are you ok?

Kevin – Yes. Um, I’d like some fresh air

Lillian – Now?

Aisha – I’ll come with you

Kevin – No, I’m good, stay

Aisha (chuckling) – I’m not a poodle

Lillian – Well, I’m going to sleep soon

Aisha – Why, you don’t have to be up early

Lillian – I know, but I’d like an early night

Kevin turns and exits the room.

Aisha – Kevin. Mum, stay up

Lillian – For what?

Aisha – Mum

Lillian – Aisha, I’m tired.

Aisha scuffs and exits the living room.

The garden. Kevin is stood by the gate. Aisha stands by the kitchen door, watching on. Silence.

Kevin – I was coming back in.

Aisha – I know, she was out of order

No response.

– Will you come back in? Kevin?

No response. Long pause. Aisha makes her way back into the house.