What Are You Thinking?

It remains my greatest experience…Oh, hell yeah. I never once imagined myself to be that vulnerable, but there I was, unresponsive, in a pool of sweat and tears. Let’s just say, it, um, it changed me…In every possible way. That night was, it was an out of body experience. As in, at that moment, I could not have told you the colour of my room. Time had stood still. An intense wave of signals flushed through my system, and I just laid there, you know? Unresponsive, bed-bound to a stream of endless thoughts. No control over my body, or mind whatsoever…No, no trigger at all. Well, not one that I was aware of, but I guess the whole ordeal was soon made clear. Yeah. And let’s just say the overwhelming idea of failing – being a failure, that um, yeah. It can and will literally eat you alive. And, well, I’m just glad my sensitive ass broke down, you know, at the thought of being, you know, me, I guess.