The Purpose Of It All

10:15 pm Kevin walks through the kitchen and into the hallway, he turns and enters the first room on his left.The living room. Lillian is sat on a mattress, legs crossed, in the middle of the room. She is watching Bo Jack Horseman. To her left is a neat pile of textbooks. To her right, a closed laptop, an empty pack of snickers, orange skins and three cans of Diet Coke.

Kevin – One too many cans, don’t you think?

No response. Pause.

– Sorry, mum. I’d like to apologise for the way I acted this morning.

Lillian – Thank you. 

Silence. Lillian turns the tv off and turns to look at Kevin. 


– And I accept your apology. It isn’t the first time I’ve forgotten, and i know that. I was tired, again and/

Kevin – /Still isn’t an excuse for what I said 

Lillian – I didn’t say it was 

Kevin – Sorry

Lillian – But how you reacted really did take me by surprise

Kevin – I know

Lillian – I’m a little worried 

Kevin – You don’t have to be, it won’t happen again 

Lillian – I’m still worried. We all are. Even Simi, all she does is ask if you’re ok. She’s my daughter and all she does is worry about you. But, I love it. I adore your relationship with her and to be honest, it’s what keeps me going. 

Aisha enters the living room. 

Aisha – Hey! 

Lillian (Chuckling) – And you too, boss lady.

Aisha turns to Kevin and nudges him.

Aisha – You calmer now?

Kevin slaps the back of Aisha’s head.

Long pause. Lillian stares at the two of them.

Lillian – This won’t last, i promise


Aisha – We know


Kevin – Um, It is tough but yeah, it won’t last 


Lillian – Yeah, but just seeing how grey things are, have been, I can’t. I can’t help but think/

Kevin – /Mum 

Lillian – I’m ok. I just think i’ve made a mistake

Aisha sits down and hugs Lillian.

Aisha – No, you haven’t. Not at all.

Lillian – I think I have. I mean, I know i had to but this isn’t fair on you guys. And, the least i can do is make breakfast.

Aisha – Mum. You made the right choice.

Kevin – Yeah. And, what I said this morning had absolutely nothing to do with you. I was out of order, and.

Long pause

– Look, a lot is going on. A lot. Things seem to be happening, you know? All at once and I don’t quite know how but, now, I see that you guys would come to know more about me, about us, on the 29th of May, 2020.


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