The Purpose Of It All

9:50 pm. Kevin walks down the stairs, through the kitchen and into the garden. He walks to and leans on the gate, he then pulls out a cigarette to light. He puts his lighter away and pulls out his phone to dial Amaar.

Kevin – Hey, sorry it took a while to ring back 

Amaar – It’s calm. What’s up? 

Kevin sighs. Amaar chuckles. Pause.

Amaar – Uh, oh

Kevin – I’m tired. I’m tired, man.

Amaar – Ok, I’m listening.

Kevin – Recently I’ve just been feeling drained, no energy, nothing. I’m just always tired, and this bitch, ah/

Amaar – /Who, your mother?

Kevin – Ah, not now

Amaar – Not what, who then?

Kevin groans.

Kevin – No one. The outreach manager.

Amaar – Oh, Lillian? See, even I know her name.

Kevin – Chill, not now.

Amaar – Aite, what happened?

Kevin – I told you about today’s interview, right? 

Amaar – Yeah

Kevin – Amaar, she was twenty minutes late for it. And when she arrived, without saying hi or anything, she asked if I wanted to reschedule.

Amaar – Yeah?

Kevin – Wait. But she’d advice against it because the position may be filled by then

Amaar – Huh?

Kevin – Bro. She basically rejected me on the spot

Amaar – Right, ok. And, what did you say?

Kevin – Nothing. I bit my tongue like I always do. I did the interview and, at the end, she even had the nerve to make a joke about timekeeping. I told her i was going to be late because of the interview and she had the nerve to make a joke

Amaar – Was it funny?


Kevin – Amaar, I’m not in the mood

Amaar – Kevin, i’ll be real with you, neither am I. All i hear is this woman’s name and you two don’t even work in the same department.

Kevin – That’s not the point

Amaar – What is, then? Because, I’m sure you didn’t just call me to say the loudmouth bigot isn’t considering you for the role. One that she oversees, by the way. I know damn well you didn’t. 

Long pause.

– Hello?

Kevin – Yeah 

Amaar – I thought you dashed your phone

Kevin chuckles lightly. Pause.

Kevin – I want to quit, man

Amaar – Kevin, just do it.


– Yoo. Look, kev, i’ll have to call you tomorrow.

Kevin – Are you in the studio?.

Amaar – No, i’m just arriving. I’ll give you a call between twelve and two, alright?

Kevin – Yeah, that’s fine, bro


Amaar – Listen, I know you wanted that role, but this may be another sign. Maybe it’s time to really move on.

Kevin – Yeah

Amaar – Onto more fulfilling things

Kevin – Yeah, i know

Amaar – Sweet, i’ll speak with you tomorrow, alright?

Kevin – Yeah, yeah, alright.

Amaar – Yeah me one more time.

Kevin chuckles.

Kevin – I’ll speak with you tomorrow

Amaar – Alright, bro. Love ya

Kevin – Love you too

Kevin hangs up the phone. He walks around the garden for a couple of minutes before making his way back in. 


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