The Purpose Of It All

9:20 pm. Kevin enters his house through the back gate. He begins to undress as he walks through the kitchen and into the hallway. He flings his shoes and coat off and steps into his slippers. He jogs, lightly, up the stairs. He turns to his right, knocking slightly before entering the room. Aisha is sat, in the corner, writing in a book. She turns to Kevin.

Aisha – In your room

Kevin – Ah, alright, cheers

Kevin walks to a bunk bed in the opposite corner. He reaches onto the top bunk and picks up a diary covered in anime stickers. He opens up a page and reads through its entry. He holds it open for a few seconds before placing it back. He then turns to Aisha.

– Is she mad? 

Aisha – No, she thinks you’re calming yourself down, so it’s ok

Kevin begins to pace up and down.

Kevin – Calming myself down? 

Aisha – From this morning 

Kevin – Oh, no

Kevin stops and stands still.

(To himself) – Let’s go.

Kevin exits the room. He walks across and turns left into his room. He gently opens the door and on his bed is Simi. He walks over to her and kneels by the bed, placing his hand on her shoulder. He nudges her slightly.

Kevin (whispering) – Is it too late to go on an adventure? Simi?

Simi (groaning) – No

Kevin picks Simi up from the bed. Her arms wrap around his neck as he cuffs her safely in his arms. He begins to walk slowly across the room. Simi rests her head on his shoulder.

Kevin – Chapter one thousand, five hundred and sixty-three. It’s a new day. The two cubs rise from their beds; stretching their hands to the ceiling and yawning till their mouths hit the floor. They stand from their beds and stare at each other as conversations filter through their windowless wall. It is a bright and sunny day where.

Kevin stops walking. Pause.

Kevin – Simi? Simi


Kevin – Oh.

Kevin carries Simi back into her room. He walks to and places Simi on the bottom bunk and then turns to Aisha.

Kevin – Aish, I’m going back out. And, sorry, again.

Aisha – It’s cool. Can I ask where you are going?

Kevin – Out 

Aisha – Not like that, I mean where? 

Kevin – Huh, I’m going out

Aisha – Sorry

Kevin – Why are you apologising? 

Aisha – I’m not. Shut up. I’m asking because I need to ask for a favour

Kevin – Can it wait?

Aisha – Well, I don’t know where you’re going and how long you’re going for


Kevin – I’m going to the garden to make a call. Don’t know how long for, what do you need?

Aisha – A financial favour 

Kevin – Go ahead

Aisha (pointing at Simi) – Lets step out, first 

Aisha and Kevin exit and stand outside of Kevin’s room.

Aisha – It’s about the rent 

Kevin – Yeah?

Aisha – Are you able, for the next four months, I promise, just four months. Are you able to add one fifty to your split?

Kevin – Why?

Aisha – Because the shop desperately needs new equipment, and there’s a lady looking to get rid of some of hers

Kevin – Ok? 

Aisha – But I don’t have the money to buy what I need and pay my full share of the rent.

Kevin – So save

Aisha – Come on. Kev, if a third of my clients, in the next four months cancel I’d still be able to pay you back the six bills.


Kevin – No stories, just my money?

Aisha – Come on, I’ve got you.

Kevin – Ok. Wait, why don’t I just give you the six hundred now? 

Aisha – No, I’ve got that sorted. It’ll just take four months, latest, for me to pay it back.

Kevin – Why? I’ll just send you the money. Keep paying your full share of the rent and pay me back when you can

Aisha – I kinda – hm, ok. Thank you. 

Kevin – I’ll send it once I’m back in. 

Aisha – Ok. Thanks. 


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