The Purpose of It All


  • Kevin (Male, 26)
  • Amaar (Best friend, Male, 26)
  • Simi (Sister, Female, 8)
  • Aisha (Sister, Female, 22)
  • Lillian (Mother, Female, 45)

Thursday. 9.00 pm. Kevin is sat on a park swing. He pulls out his phone and dials a number.

Kevin – Hey, Amaar 

Amaar (Laughing) – Yo. Ayo, real quick, yeah. Do you know what’s mad?

Kevin – What?

Amaar still laughing.

– What?

Amaar – You. You’re mad ugly

Kevin – What?

Amaar (chuckling) – You’re mad ugly 

Kevin – Ok. And, you have swollen ankles, you fat fuck 

Amaar – Ooo, I’ve not heard that one before. 

Kevin – Whatever

Amaar – But do you know what I have heard?

Kevin – Amaar, I didn’t call you for this

Amaar – I know, but do you know what I have heard?

Kevin kisses his teeth.

Kevin  –  What?

Amaar – Oh, nothing. Nothing positive, anyway.

Kevin – What?

Amaar – I’ve never heard anything positive.

Kevin – About what, what are you talking about?

Amaar – I’ve just never heard anything positive/

Kevin – /About what?

Amaar – About ugly people

Amaar bursts into laughter.

Kevin – Really?

Amaar – That was hilarious.

Kevin – No, it wasn’t

Amaar – It was, but hey. Anyway, what you telling me?

Kevin chuckles. 

Kevin’s phone rings; he turns to it and rejects the call.

Kevin – Ugh, you and your fat mouth. Simi’s off to bed, I’m going to call you once she’s in, yeah?

Amaar – Huh, aren’t you at home? 

Kevin – No, next time shut up and listen.

Amaar – Alright, ugly. Speak soon, I love you.

Kevin – Prick.

Kevin hangs up the phone.

Kevin (To himself) –  Again, really?