What Are You Thinking?

I work five nights a week, it pays the bills and to be fair, the perks are bloody great…Uh, Barnie’s? Oh, well, um, I’d like to be on stage one day, but my lack of experience in the industry presents the real issue. I would like to…sorry, what? Sorry, I’m just a little nervous, and it helps when I ease into things. And you can edit all this out, right?…Great, ok. So, um, what makes Barnie’s Theatre the prestige theatre it is? I’d say the marketing team; they’re artists, forensic cleaners, to be more precise, only not on the side of the law. Let’s take the outreach programs for example, it’s a perfect example of the deep-seated…huh? Oh, right, ok. Umm, how does it benefit me? Great question, and like I said earlier, it pays the bills…That’s all? No, thank you.